Friday, February 26, 2010

Why the Push to Make Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Wakefield the Bad Guys?

I think the advertisement for the drug Concerta placed directly below the summary of the article about Jenny McCarthy says quite a bit about this question.  See, if we are made to think that the only tool available to us is a hammer (vaccines and drugs), they just have to convince us that all our illnesses are nails.  It's brilliant and  this is exactly what the propaganda created by the profit driven pharmaceutical industry wants us to believe. Your child has ADD: don't look at their chemically laden, sugar rich diet, just use the Concerta hammer. If your child has the possibility of developing an illness, don't worry about making their immune systems strong through good nutrition, fresh air and exercise (and God forbid don't use vitamins or herbs), just think Hammer.....more vaccines! Come on folks,  it's time to take our critical thinking beyond the sound bytes and look at the real motives at play here. If we buy into the distorted messages sent through the media regarding this complex issue without doing our own homework, the campaign to dumb us down will  have worked.. Although it would be nice for this to be a simple matter, for Jenny's voice to be ridiculed and silenced and  Dr. Wakefield (a brilliant pediatric surgeon) to be discredited, it's not that black and white.  The vaccine autism connection has not been put to rest just because the media attempts to convince us erroneously that "all" the studies have proven this or that Jenny and Wakefield are lunatics. There's so much more to this story:  The world is polluted with 87,000 chemicals, most of our food is void of nutrients needed to support health and  create strong immune systems, and vaccines although they might have their place, are not completely safe and should not be the main solution offered for keeping our kids healthy.   They also carry a risk for genetically susceptible kids period!  Making Jenny and Wakefield the bad guys is part of the strategy to convince us that vaccines have nothing to do with autism.  However besides these two sacrificial lambs, there are thousands of parents who know their children regressed after vaccines.   Try telling the public Toyota cars are totally won't work because the injured passengers are not going away and in defense of our injured children and future generations of children, neither are we.
Maureen H. McDonnell, RN
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet

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