Friday, February 19, 2010

Please sign a petition in defense of Dr. Wakefield:

From Dr. David Berger, MD  Wholistic Pediatrics

About Dr Andrew Wakefield
As most of you know, the British General Medical Council placed a serious reprimand on Andy Wakefield, and as a result journals have started to withdraw his research on vaccines from the medical literature.  Research that has nothing to do with his original 1998 journal article is being redacted. Now there is growing concern that scientists will be hesitant to do more research on vaccine safety.
I have known Andy for almost 10 years, and have seen the serious research that he has produced (over 30 publications) . His research can be viewed here:

A petition of support for Dr. Wakefield has been authored by leading Biomedical Autism physician Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless. She is hoping to obtain as many signatures as possible, which will be presented as part of Andy's appeal.  The petition can be viewed at I would encourage everyone to read the petition and sign it if they agree. Also, please forward this link to anyone who you feel would be interested in reading it.

Thank you Dr. Berger for writing this request and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless for authoring the petition
Please send this to anyone interested in protecting our children and preventing the personal and professional persecution of a researcher simply because he challenges the safety of certain vaccines.  
Maureen H. McDonnell, RN 
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet


  1. But everyone knows Wakefield is a charlatan. That's why he's been fired by Thoughtful House, by the executive director of Defeat Autism Now.

  2. There's certainly a lot of misinformation about Dr. Wakefield and his research. To get a better overview of the facts, you might want to check out:
    Wakefield Moving into New Leadership Role in Autism Community, Leaving Thoughtful House.

    By Dan Olmsted

  3. Dr. Wakefield is a slimeball. Stop defending him. He was paid by attorneys to find the link between autism and vaccines and (surprise! surprise!) he did. Now no one can reproduce his results. Hmmm....

    Vaccines are the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of man. You'll only have yourself to blame when your child ends up with Pertussis or Diphtheria because you believe this quack.

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