Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally

Sometimes I look around and see kids who don't look very healthy and I want to stop the parents and have a conversation. I don't want to judge anyone. But I've been a registered nurse for the last 30 years (during which time I've watched in amazement as the number of kids with asthma, autism, ADHD, allergies, childhood cancers etc has skyrocketed), and so I want to have that conversation with the parents because I believe as a society we've strayed from mother natures ways and our kids are paying the price. I want to get all these kids back on track. You can probably tell by now that I tend to be a little I have the answers. Actually, I only have a few, but I think they are important ones and they seem to be missing from conversations parents are having with their pediatricians. Because I was a labor and delivery nurse, taught childbirth classes for many years, became a mom of two kids, coordinated the Defeat Autism Now! conferences for 10 years and 2 years ago started the Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet green children's health expos, people tend to ask me this question: Is it vaccines? I always give the same answer: I don't think kids are sicker now just because over the past 20 years, the number of vaccines we give our kids has increased to 36 before the age of 5, I also think it's because we have 87,000 chemicals in our air, water and food and our kids for the most part aren't eating all that well. So there you go, my first blog post. Hopefully not too obnoxious. I plan on posting more about natural ways you can boost your child's immune system to help ward off the flu and other infections. Super foods to super charge your children's health. Great tips for women to consider prior to conceiving to minimize the chances that their offspring will develop autism or other chronic health conditions, some natural approaches for preventing and treating asthma, ADHD, autism, allergies etc. etc. Here we go!