Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Power of Gratitude A Christmas Thank You!

I recently encountered a young man who despite having his health, being in the prime of his life, and having a good degree of financial success, lacked joy and enthusiasm, and his perception of life was rather bleak. After some reflection, I realized that the reason this person was miserable was because he was missing a sense of Gratitude!
It’s been a tough year for all of us, and considering the economy, it’s easy to go the negative route and focus on what we don’t have, or what we haven’t yet accomplished. However, when we stop to consider how blessed we are to know incredible people, to wake each morning and experience the wonders of nature, and the joys of friends and family, it changes our perspective from gloom and doom to one of abundance and appreciation.
This note is say thank you for being one of those incredible people and to let you know that we are very grateful for your support of our fledgling project Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet. The non-profit Vital Intervention Accessible ( and Wellness Workshops, Inc collaborated to create SOKHOP children’s’ health expos so that critical information regarding natural ways to prevent and recover children from Autism, Asthma, Childhood Cancers and other childhood illnesses could be brought to the public. Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet also has a lively website ( with numerous articles on children’s health, and the importance of pre conception care, helpful videos and access to the blog RaisingHealthyKids Additionally, our nonprofit ViA has provided financial assistance to families of children with autism to help them obtain services from biomedical practitioners and attend educational conferences. Thanks to you, and a very recent generous donation by Whole Foods, we will be able to continue this important work.
The idea of prevention and natural methods of recovering children from Autism, Cancer, Asthma etc are not yet popular concepts. However, as a result of your belief in this work, we are gaining momentum. Instead of focusing on the long road ahead, we are choosing to be grateful for the progress that is being made and for your support and encouragement.
Many thanks and happy holidays,
Maureen and Jill
Maureen H. McDonnell, RN Cofounder of Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet, President of VIA
Jill Urwick Cofounder Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet Founder and Executive Director of ViA

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